Faye Stone

Faye has been a TCM practitioner since 1981, studying the Universal Tao in Melbourne and in the United States under Thailand’s Mantak Chia.

She holds a PhD in Biochemistry from Melbourne University as well as a Diploma in TCM which she studied at the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Professor Wong.

Faye Stone is a new Melbourne based artist, who is a full time practitioner in Chinese Medicine and Esoteric Healing. Over the last 12 months she has been using a new photographic technology to assist within her practice. This new tool has inspired her to adapt this working technique from clinical practice to artistic exploration.

The theoretical basis of the photography produced by Faye Stone is similar to that of Biofeedback therapy. The full electromagnetic spectrum covers the frequencies from gamma rays to radio waves. Visible light is seen as a small bandwidth in this spectrum. This camera expands on the visible range of frequencies to make available the unseen.

The camera measures its subject using visible light only (unlike other similar energy techniques that may use other light sources such as thermography, which works with infrared light) and measures the frequency changes when visible light passes through an object or a person. This is seen visually as changes in the colour bands in this photography.

For example a healthy person creates lighter and consistent patterns while an unhealthy person may have distinct asymmetrical patterns, which show darker colours of inflammation or energy obstruction.

Faye Stone’s creative exploration is to find and research the new and unseen parts of nature and within people. This creative journey can potentially bridge the gap between what we see and what we know or suspect to be truth. In terms of resonant medicine it therefore shows energy obstruction and highlights energy flow and artistically shows connections of energy in nature.